The Best Summer Destinations in the World


As summer approaches it is time to think about where you want to jet off to and relax this summer. Obviously it largely depends on what kind of holiday you are looking for, your budget, temperature favourability and preference for activities. However, this list has theĀ best summer destinations in the world

1) Chile

Chile is often overlooked on the travel circuit and yet we think that it is an absolute must for your bucket list. It is a fascinating country that is never more than 150 miles wide, yet it is 2650 miles long! It has amazing habitats, mountains, deserts and lakes, and within this there are 36 national parks. If you are looking for a place with amazing landscapes and nature it is certainly a good place to jet off to. Likewise, Santiago, the capital, is fascinating and modern, although it has its fair share of history. There are plenty of boutique hotels and fine dining to keep you happy. Why not visit the salt lakes, the Atacama Desert or drive along the lonely Southern Highway? You will never be disappointed with Chile.

2) Granada, Spain

Spain can be hot during the summer, very hot, but Granada is well worth it. Visit teh palaces of Alhambra with its amazing architecture. Granada really is a mix of east and west, as this was the last stronghold of Islamic Spain.

3) Copenhagen, Denmark

This city might not be your first choice for a summer break but you must trust us when we say that the ‘Paris of the north’ is well worth a visit. It is a ‘foodie’ city, with the famous Noma present within its bounds, and there’s also plenty of other culture and shopping to get stuck in to.

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